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The village Omorani is suited in the center of Macedonia, hidden from the main road by the surraounding hills. The river Babuna gives life to the
piciresque slopes of Jakupica Mount with its pick Solunska Glava (2500 masl), which attracts many climbers to conquer the reef Nezhilovi Steni. Special adventure is to get to the springs and Babuna Waterfall. The entire area has a 1000 years old history being the nest of the "Bogomil's Movement".

In 2021 we were invited to be one of the 10 local heroes for the promotional campaign
of the fastest growing bank in Macedonia, HALKBANK "The Future is Bright"
acknowledging 10 creative and successful individuals in the country.


The village landscape is attractive for all those seeking adventures such as mount biking, walking tours to the nearby old monasteries, seasonal visits to the sheepfolds, cheese-making in the goat farm, or enjoyng life by self- aromatherapy days.

The "Rancho and Vancho na Kata" is a 90 years old stone house located in the center of the village Omorani. It has been restored in authentic Macedonian style and now offering accomodation facilities and exlusive dinners under the starry night, for nature lovers who are eager to experience new adventures.

Who are we?

Kata is the owner of the house, dreamer of the vision for rural tourism in Omorani Village, creator and producent of the entire performance. She is biologist and a homeopath, but also  a certified Tour Guide and the manager of all activities, especially the cooking and food making processes and experiences. Kata is a story-teller; she will enchant you with the 1000 years of local history, her favorit is the Bogomil's Movement.

Vancho is a certified mount guide and his second love (after Kata) is hiking the mount peaks. He can take you to the Babuna Waterfalls or even more, to the Solunska Glava Peak. Vancho will also teach you how to make various flavors of rakija, often with medicinal benefits. He is collecting the aromatic herbs from our valleys for your morning tea.

She is our daughter. Angela is graduated Illustrator at the Academy of Art and Design in Ljubljana. She is the one who can make you feel like a real actress or photo-model and will make awesome images of your bohemian lifestyle.

Angela has her own photo studio, together with her friend, popular as FrozenTimeDrops

Teodora is our daughter that studies Biotechnology at the Univerity of Ljubljana. If you enyoj talking she can always tell you about the surounding nature. 


village Omorani,


Email: kata@ruraltourism.mk
Phone: +389 (0) 75 469 380
               +389 (0) 78 409 407

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