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Drive on the highway E-75 from Skopje to Veles and turn right on the first interchange at Veles, following the roadsign for Bogomila. The road passes through Veles exiting at the factory Ceramica Nova to the South-west. From here, continue to drive for about 27 km, strictly following the roadsigns for Bogomila. At the 27th km you will notice a small white trafo-station with a roadsign for village Omorani on the left side of the road. Turn left here and after 1 more km you will arrive in the center of the village, at the big church "St. Konstantin and Elena". On the right side of the church is located our house. 

Traveling by Train?

There are trains three times per day starting from the main railway station in Skopje, driving the route Skopje - Bitola. After about 1,45 hours driving from Skopje, you need to get off the train at the station Vasil Antevski Dren. Than, you may either walk to our house in Omorani Village for 3 km, or hire a local person from Dren to drive you at our house.

Timetable from Skopje to Bitola: 06:48/14:30/19:20 

Timetable from Bitola to Skopje (at Dren station): 04:52/14:36/20:10

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Phone: +389 (0) 75 469 380
            +389 (0) 78 409 407

What our guests say

"We only booked in for one night but ended up staying for three, simply because we loved their guesthouse so much. This is a very special place.. can't wait to go back.”

Joya, Ireland

“Excellent homemade food. My suggestion is to order a dinner made by Katarina to explore the full charm of this property and the country.”

Plamen, Bulgaria

village Omorani,


Phone: +389 (0) 75 469 380
               +389 (0) 78 409 407

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